MP3Tag 2.4x Acting Weird

Hi Florian,

Something awfully weird and strange just happened to me ...

I had just freshly installed my Vista OS on my laptop since I was having some problems ... so I decided to start installing my programs that I use from time to time ...

I started to install "MP3TAGv2.44setup.exe" and my Comodo Firewall alerted me to MP3TAG installer program trying to TAKE OVER many of my applications that has NOTHING to do with Audio ...

So, I ran "MP3TAGv2.44setup.exe" through VirusTotal and it says it is "Clean" ... but I still not trusted their analysis ... so I tried installing the 2.43 version ... same problem ... Your Installer trying to TAKE OVER my AntiVirus Scanner, my Laptop Camera, the Memory, on and on.

Q1: What the heck is WRONG with your program or your Installer (.exe)?

Q2: Unless you have managed to have some Extremely Smart Spyware?

Sorry for my Panicking ... but for now I am staying Clear from this Application until I hear from you or someone else on this Forum.


G! :slight_smile:

Or Q3: What the heck is wrong with your firewall program?

Mp3tag installer does not take over anything, it can only create explorer context menus for its supported audio files. No spyware included.

Did you get the installer from the official site? You can also compare the MD5 check sum to check this.

I'm with Dano on this one. I think your firewall is misinterpreting what mp3tag is wanting to do. My firewall (Agnitum's Outpost Security Suite Pro, in case you are interested) only throws up one dialog when installing mp3tag and it's a message about mp3tag wanting to modify another program's memory which is normal.

This is with the latest version at this writing, mp3tag v2.44e.

I'd download the installer from this site & try again. If Comodo still flips out then it's time to start shopping for a new firewall program.

Hi Dano & Innuendo,

THANKS for taking the time to answer my concern ...

FYI I really LOVE MP3TAG ... so I was totally baffeled when it tried to tie itself to every darn Application that I have ... I don't think "COMODO" Firewall is that lame ... Matter of fact is Rated #1 ... and I do use the Freeware Option.

I don't understand why MP3TAG would have a NEED to TAKE CONTROL of my SuperAntiSpyware, Camera Assistant Software, My Bluetooth, My Modem, My Firewall, ... on & on!

@ Innuendo ... What Program Memory MP3TAG tries to "Modify"? And why does it need to Modify anything?

Please keep in mind that I am a Total Newbie to Audio and even more so in Anti-Virus world ... so the Samllest Hint of Funny Business ... I just bail out.

BTW, I even tried the 2.42 version ... same story.

I did Download the Program from Florian web-page (This One) ...

It sounds like I need to post my concern at Comodo's website.

Looking forward to hearing from you folks more.


G! :slight_smile:

I don't think anyone was saying that Comodo was lame. Just that it was misinterpreting what the mp3tag installer was trying to do.

That's just it...mp3tag doesn't try to do any of that stuff. It has to be a false positive.

My educated guess is that mp3tag is instructing a system process to add the context menu entries.

That's very wise. If anything is trying to happen you don't understand it is always best to back out & don't try again until you have answers. Too many people plow ahead anyway & that's how their systems get compromised, but please rest assured. mp3tag is one of the most respected & established audio file taggers available at any price.

But don't take our word for it. I wouldn't want you to. Instead check out the awards mp3tag has received:

I guarantee you if mp3tag had anything spyware or malware related inside it those awards would not have been won. Some of those sites are very strict about scanning a program before allowing it on their site, let alone giving it an award.

You don't think those awards actually mean anything, do you? They exist to get people to use the websites issuing the awards, and if the award is easy to get is encourages developers to distribute their software via the issuing sites. The sites make money with adverts all over the place.

I read a piece that examined those awards. The author wrote a program that literally did nothing, uploaded it to a load of sites, and sat back and waited. Many of the sites then went on to give their 5-star, A+, gold, type awards, when the application did nothing. I have a feeling the description of the app was even honest in that the app did nothing, but they still got awards.

I don't think a single site de-listed the app though, so they may have automated AV and anti-malware, but no actual human checking goes on.

Just to add a quick note on that: most of the sites also have user ratings and some of them have very comprehensive review processes (e.g., Tucows or Betanews) -- so some of the awards really mean something :slight_smile:

Hi folks & Florian,

I just happen to see your post ... Florian, I am using the version 2.43 and it is working like a Chram for me ... so I am sticking with that version ... since I am still on Vista Home Prem., 64-Bit.

Florian & MP3TAG team Wish You All A Very MERRY XMAS and A Wonderful Happy New 2010 Year! Florian, THANKS for a Great Tool & Sorry for the Scare ... most likely my Fault!

G! :slight_smile: