Mp3Tag 2.83 doesn't support Microsoft Groove Music APP

我发现经过Mp3Tag编辑过的音乐的标签不能被Microsoft Groove Music 识别出来

I found that the tags edited by Mp3Tag can not be recognized by Microsoft Groove Music
Only identify the year and track number
What's going on here?
Seeking explanation!
Translated by Google

if you see the data in MP3tag, then everything should be fine - so perhaps Groove Music has a problem.
If you want to investigate yourself:
Check the files' integrity (e.g. with foobar, mp3diags and/or mp3val - all currently freeware)
Check, which tags you have in the files: perhaps you have different tag versions which are out of sync. Esp. the combination of ID3 tags and APE often causes chaos.
If you have APE tags: remove them.

I found that these music can work well with Windows Media Player,Steam and VLC for Windows 10
But it just doesn't work with Groove.
Maybe I got the wrong config in Mp3Tag?
What can I do?

What can be the wrong configuration be in MP3tag if the files work with so many other programs?

What was the result of the integrity check?
What was the result of the tag version check?

I also had the idea that perhaps you had V2.4 tags in the files but if they work with WMP which does not read V2.4 tags then this possibility can be ruled out, I think ... unless ....