Mp3tag 3.05 freeze issue

I've been trying to change a string in Artist and encountering a freeze problem. I'd like to replace how multiple artists are displayed from something like Artist A & Artist B to Artist A, Artist B.

I am using Quick Actions > Replace With Regular Expression. I enter the strings as shown in the first image. But Mp3tag stays at the second image indefinitely.

If you replace one string constant ("&") with another (",") then you need an action of the type "Replace". Otherwise you have to escape special characters (even though the ampersand and the comma aren't special).
If you execute the action on 31,000 odd files, you have to wait a while.
Also, you have to watch out that no other program blocks any of the files - because that is what it looks like: locally, a file is blocked and MP3tag waits until it is unblocked again.
If you find that MP3tag always stops at the same file(s) then check these for integrity.

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Thanks! I'll try simple "replace." I have done similar operations before this way and they worked fine. It took about a minute and a half.

Nope. Same issue. It gets to a certain place and then locks up with no further progress. I'm telling it to look for a string including spaces. Is that possibly a problem?

The space in the string should be no problem.

Also, you may find it quicker to filter for files that contain the ampersand:
%artist% HAS &
This may reduce the number of files that are treated - and it may be easier to find the files where the processing stops.

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You can also try with the latest Development Build where I've changed lots of internals regarding inter-thread communication.

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Any update regarding this when using the latest Development Build?

I've now moved this to #bug-reports:no-bugs

If the issue reappears please just reply or in case the topic is already closed by then, open a new bug report linking to this topic.

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