Mp3tag always assigns incorrect title & track#

Every time I click Discogs or MusicBrainz to find complete song information MP3TAG changes the actual song Title to the first song on the album and the Track number to the first track number.

you have to align the selected tracks with the found track data in the 2 lists at the bottom of the dialogue.
Also, you have to watch out which web source script you use: is it the one for all of the data or the one just for the cover?

Great! - I never noticed the up/down track alignment arrows before. Thanks for the help!
Not sure what you mean about the web source script. Additional information would be helpful.

See the web sources menu - there are some dedicated scripts that only retrieve a cover but no further data. If you expect more from such a script, it could be irritating as it really only gets the cover.
And it could be the other way round: you only want to get the cover but you also get field data for all the selected files.

Understood - Thanks much for your help!