Mp3Tag and Album Art...Syntax error?

Hey all...

Newbie to Mp3Tag and this forum so hopefully I won't be asking too many stupid questions..:slight_smile:

I do have one regarding adding album art to my tags. I've been doing it rather effortlessly for the last month now since I've been using Mp3Tag but have recently run into a problem, and I'm hoping this forum can help?.

When I try to add my album art to my tags I get this error

Greatest Hits[ SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING ] cannot be accessed. <- last part of error message.

Help is much appreciated!.

p.s. My tags contain no prior Album Art.

Do you add album art via an action Import cover? What format string are you using?

Thanks for your reply Florian...

Sorry for not being more descriptive in my initial post. Yes I am importing my album art via the action Import Cover. The second part of your question is probably why I'm having the trouble because I am confused as to what 'format string' is..?.

My method has been to use the action Import Cover and then choose a .jpg CD cover file, then hit OK and the album art has been imported. Now for some strange reason this process no longer works and I get syntax errors.

Just had a thought?. Is there a difference between .jpg and .jpeg?.


Looks like the name of the directory the cover is stored in contains some special characters which confuse Mp3tag, e.g., ', [, or ]

Please let me know whether that's the case.

That was it Florian. The directory name contained an ' (apostrophe) and when I removed it I was able to add the album art.

Thanks again!