MP3Tag and bulk tagging (Discogs)

Hi guys

Is there a way i can get MP3Tag to tag loads of files at once?

Rather than just selecting each release?

For example i have a folder full of my vinyl rips. when i load that folder it displays all my rips on the right window pane.

Can i highlight all those and get it to make discogs auto tag them all for me in one go?

Also just another question... How can i make it so when i get that option to search discogs.. rather than having it only search album name for discogs, can i have it so it searches the Cat No instead?
That will really narrow it down for me.


Yes, if they all should get the same information or the same treatment (e.g. with an action or a report).

MP3tag does not know anything about releases. You would have to create the correct set of data and then use the tagging functions.
So in short: no, you would still have to select each release and treat it separately.

Thanks very much for your reply.

Ok thats answered that :slight_smile:

Another question i have is how can i make it so when i search discogs it doesnt only search by album and i can also search with Cat No?

Because i have tried to search some song names like 'Runaway' for example and it seems to have limited to 50 results and the result i want is not listed but i know for a fact it is on discogs.

So i think if i could search the Cat No it would really help narrow it down.

Take care.