mp3tag and iTunes problem

I just found out that iTunes 7 has a problem reading tags in the ID3v2.4 format and that if I want iTunes to accept tags created with mp3tag, I need to convert my tags from using ID3v.2.4 into the ID3v2.3 format.

Now I know how to select tags not yet created in the future by changing it under File>Options>Mpeg and unticking the ID3v2.4 selection and ticking the ID3v2.3 selection, but how do I globally convert what I already presently have in my playlists, from ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3?


I believe you just highlight all the files needing changed in MP3Tag and then click the "Save" icon, it would then rewrite the tags to your selected format (thus being 2.3)