Mp3Tag and MP4 tags

Just starting this journey, so be gentle in your response please.

Any info or references to resolving the following gratefully received.


My biggest issue with this so far is not MP3Tag per se and it's use rather

  • Trying to * determine what MP4 tags are available to describe content.
  • What subset of these MP3Tag supports for editing.
  • What, if any, accepted custom and practice there is in the field/tag use.

I'm interested in general info as well as anything pertaining to my specific use case, which is indexing my DVD/BluRay rips of Movie and TV shows as I move a few shelves worth of plastic onto a couple of NAS drives.

Appreciate that some of this will also be driven by whatever media server I am using but I'm trying to look slightly wider than that to understand what's possible. I understand that a benefit of Emby/Plex/... is that they can look up info online however, with DVDs I'm finding the best solution will be to have local indexing for all the disc extras as there appears to be no common agreement on how to handle this stuff among the online services, let alone with the media server folk. When I get to indexing the home movies, this will be my only option anyway. Using metadata seems infinitely preferable to using very long fixed format file names.

See the help on supported atoms


I did look through that, the problem I had/have is that the list of MP4 specifics is quite short and many of the other's appear to be primarily aimed at music. Initially I'd thought this might be because that's where MP3tag started then as I read further, frankly I didn't find a lot of "definitive" info. But then that's often the case on the web now.

I did stumble across this article after I posted earlier. It suggests that there isn't a definitive set but rather competing definitions of what should go into a video container for metadata. It does however list what looks like the common video metadata and gives the MP4 tags that everyone else uses (@xxx) so with that and the mp3tag list from your link I can probably work out what to use.

What seem to be missing for me is any direction around identifying or naming DVD special features or extras. I suppose that this is probably regarded as application specific in the sense of it depends what media server/player you are using.

Unfortunately I can't find a list of all the MP4 tags (which would give me a starting point and answer any question I have around scope of the metadata).

All the MP4 format articles I can find are focussed towards the file or container structure. Maybe I'm just not using the right terms in the searches. - Atoms seems to refer to the structural elements of the mp4 container, not the descriptive tags a user would use to classify the content, which is what I'm after.

The fog isn't clearing yet, but it seems a little thinner...