MP3TAG and VLC media player


does anybody knows the parameters for adding songs to the vlc playlist via the tools option?


Google: with search "vlc command line parameters" come up with

Read there ...
... and there ...

Edit. Broken link to Videolan removed.


Paste the code below into ur parameter settings

--playlist-enqueue --one-instance "%_path%"

Basically the code says open VLC playlist | Only one instance to run | and the path of the files.
Copy directly from code above as there is much needed spaces in there.

See attached screen-shots for how I have mine set up.

  1. The Tools dialog shows the inputs needed, MAKE sure "for all selected files" is ticked.
  2. The Mp3tag Options I have VLC Player set to Ctrl 2 as its 2nd in the list.
  3. And make sure that the VLC player is sorted by track no. because by default track no is is hidden and it randomly sorts the files
HOPE this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this to-the-point solution. It works fine.