Mp3tag and Windows explorer show two different bit rates

Problem stated in title, wondering why this is, and which one to believe.

Windows explorer showed the bit rate of one of my mp3s at 96 kBit/s constant. i didnt like it being that low so i found a different version of the songs. they are the same exact thing except the file size is bigger for the new ones. Windows explorer shows their bitt rates being 192 now, though when i open mp3tag to clean them and stuff, it reports them as 96.

whats the problem here?

Many causes are likely. So first check whether your file still has the right combination of tags and frames. There are numerous tools that check the integrity of MP3 files, foobar seems to be one, and so is mp3val.

Try scanning the files with MP3 Diags. There could be some garbage in there.

cool. ill check out the programs. thanks for the replies.

my library is currently about 8k+ songs, i know people with many more, but i thinks its a fairly big collection. do you guys think it would be safe to use the mp3 diag software on all the files i have, or should i do a full backup onto another drive beforehand?

i like the mp3val program as suggested by ohrenkino, though it is in beta (Q_Q), i scanned the files which were messing up and repaired them and now they are showing correctly in both, and i like that it backed the old ones up automatically, i thought that was nice.

which program do you guys suggest overall, mp3 daig or mp3val?

They both fix pretty much the same errors, but I prefer MP3 Diags because it catches a few errors that MP3val misses. With either program you should backup your files before fixing them.

MP3val advantages:

Runs much faster.
Very easy to fix the files.
Easier to work with.

MP3val disadvantages:

Not very much detailed information.
Misses some minor errors.
Sometimes rebuilds VBR headers incorrectly.

MP3 Diags advantages:

Gives much more detailed information on the tag contents and errors.
Checks for more error types.
Does a better job fixing VBR files.

MP3 Diags disadvantages:

Scans more slowly.
Fixes take more time and sometimes you have to do multiple fixes.
A bit of a learning curve on how to use the program.

So I scan and fix any major problems with MP3 Diags and then fix the tags with Mp3tag which is much better than the tag editor in MP3 Diags.

mmhm, that is what i planned on doing (only using mp3val or mp3 diag for fixing errors with the mp3 file integrity)

is it possible for mp3tag itself to create unintentional errors in the mp3 files, such as incorrect bits or garbage data?. i only ask as i am wondering if i should tag my files with mp3tag first and then run them through mp3 diag or scan and fix them first, and then tag them with mp3tag.

EDIT: i tried out mp3 diag, and it hasnt been able to fix the files yet sayin they are write protected, when they arent =.

It's highly unlikely that Mp3tag will introduce any errors. What I do scan the files with MP3 Diags, fix if necessary, fix the tags with Mp3tag and then re-scan with MP3 Diags, it's much faster to do a re-scan.

I've used MP3 Diags for a long time and I've never seen that error.

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