MP3Tag application has been removed

Hello Everyone,

very trivial question :grinning:. i've bought MP3tag beginning of last March MAC App Store. I used it a lot as i knew it on PC platform. since return of vacation, i can't retreive it on my application. It seems it has been removed (only question mark on a document as application icon). Do you known how i can get it back again without paying a second time ?

Note: i have the proof from apple i bought it but can't even retreive my order ID under Apple Store.

Thx for your support.

Are you logged in at the Mac App Store app with your Apple account? You can check if the icon on the lower left shows you name.

If not, you'd need to login via ⌘0 where you can also see all of your purchased apps and can download Mp3tag via the respective icon.

Thx Florian. You're very full efficient !!!!. You're solved my issue !

:clap: :+1:

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