mp3tag behaving crazy suddenly!

i have been using mp3tag for years and never had any problems. but recently i suddenly lost the ability to tag the "year" and "track" fields on my pc (winxp).

when i save to any field in mp3tag they get erased. even if i just highlight a file and save it again it erases those 2 fields. i don't even have to input new data, just saving over it makes the current year/track erase.

if i fill the fields in again and save they do not save (blank still).

if i open the files in a hex editor i can see that those 2 tags are not there anymore (as opposed to mp3tag just not reading them), but the other fields like track/artist are there as usual and mp3tag can tag those fine.

if i use another mp3 tagger like the one in foobar it will still save the fields fine.

if i uninstall mp3tag and delete all traces of it from my system including user data and registry entries and then reinstall mp3tag (any version) the problem still persists.

on my laptop (winxp) mp3tag still works fine. if i copy over the files and user settings to my pc, the problem occurs again!

it is not the file format (mp3/flac/etc). it is not the files themselves. it is not mp3tag or its settings (all previously working versions i've tried do this now, even on default settings).

conclusion: something about my pc+mp3tag is causing it. what though?

What kind of tags do you have in those files?
What kind of tags do you read and save? It should be V2.3 tags.
Could it be that these files got corrupted somehow? To rule that out, check them with mp3val.
And finally, you could erase the and mp3tag.cfg to go back to square one.

any tags, i tried all. it doesn't matter. but i use 2.3 utf16.

as i said above, i have deleted every single trace of the program on my system and have done it multiple times with different versions. that is not the problem. nor are the files being tagged the problem.

since the problem is specific to my pc and not my laptop or any other computer, i think some file on my system that mp3tag uses is messed up? like a file that mp3tag needs to load from windows32 dir or something. i don't know.

My first thought is, maybe you have set the fields' value to at Tools > Options > Tag Panel > Default Values.
But that problem should not persist if you reinstall Mp3tag.