mp3tag Can't Remove APE2 Tags?


Hi guys,

Checking out some mp3's I have and they have APE2 embedded in them. When I check the preferences for mp3tag there is an option to wrote APEv2 but there isn't an option to remove APEv2 any work around or reason for this?

thanks! :book:


In "Options > Tags > Mpeg" there's an APE box below "Remove"


Yes I see the APE remove option. Maybe I am going about this the wrong way.

I have a lot of mp3's now that have "comments" when I open them up within winamp BUT those comments DO NOT show up within mp3tag. So I assume that the comments are APE or APE2. Basically what would you recommend so that everytime I bring in a folder of mp3's with APE comments that they are automatically deleted.

I want my music to just be ID3v2 NO APE or APE2.

I dont understand why mp3tag won't show comments in the comment box but winamp will. Thoughts? Suggestions? :huh:


Ahhh been digging and just found this.

"You must select [x] APE at "Remove" on the bottom! Then you can use "File > Remove Tags". It removes all tag types you have selected at "Remove"."

Now my question is there anyway to implement the above in an action? This way I can just run the action always for mp3s I bring in and have the ape tags removed??


Winamp can't read APE on Mp3s
The comment could lyrics3 or comment with description.
You should check the file with ALT+T
It shows the tag types and all tags.


Dano thanks for the reply turns out some are lyric tags. So is there anyway to create an action that when run deletes BOTH ape and lyrics tags? Similar to running "remove tag" from the menu?? :book:


Hey guys anyway to create an Action to remove ape2 tags and lyric tags etc?


No, this can't be done via an action at the moment.