MP3Tag Capabilities


I was thinking about using MP3tag as a replacement for the built-in database functionality found in earlier versions of MMJB (like in version 7.5 which uses some ID3 fields in a "proprietary" manner).

But before installing it, maybe somebody can help save me a bit of time by answering a couple of basic questions?

  1. I would like to view the tags of all MP3 files in a table format (like an Excel worksheet) and I would like to do this using almost all of the screen area. Is this possible with MP3tag?

  2. I would like to customize the tag display by adding a couple of fields, or changing the existing names. For example, if MP3tag has a field that I never use, could I change its name to say, Preference and then use that field to contain a value from 1 to 5?

  3. If so, can I specify the field's length??

Thanks in advance. I hope I don't have to create what I need in Access or Excel :frowning:


Take a look at this screenshot:

Mp3tag has columns like Windows explorer.
You can add new columns with any tag field you want or with technical information.
You can of course change existing columns or delete them.