Mp3tag claims some ID3v2 tags are missing or invalid

I have a number of MP3 files for which the tags aren't showing up correctly in MP3tag. It may say the tags are invalid, or may simply not display them. For example, the title or artist may be missing when I view the files with MP3tag.

Yet if I look at those same files using iTunes or Windows Media Player the information is present.

I don't know enough about the structure of MP3 files to know if this may indicate a bug in Mp3tag, or whether the information may be in other tags that iTunes and WMP support, or what might be going on.

You should be able to find one of the files on Dropbox, via this link:

For that one, Mp3tag 2.57 says the ID3V2 tags are invalid, yet iTunes and WMP show all the information as far as I can see.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


It is virtually impossible to tell from the distance what may be wrong with your files.
And there is something wrong.

So let MP3diags (freeware) check the files and see for yourself what might cause the problems.
That iTunes or WMP show information does not mean that the information is actually stored in the tags but may be only present in the database.

Thanks for the suggestion to use MP3diags, which agrees those files have problems.

Still, the tag information in some form is present in the files, and is apparently understood by iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Windows Explorer. This is not information coming from some database as far as I can tell; I can view it in the file, and it is displayed by those 3 programs.

I do not yet understand the IDv3 tag format well enough to understand exactly what is wrong. I would like to figure this out so I can let the creators of these files know more about the problem in the hope that they can improve their files in the future.

So far all I've gotten from them is that since iTunes and WMP are happy, the files must be OK. If someone who understands IDv3 better than I do could look at one of the files (for example, by downloading and examining the one I linked to in my first message in this topic) and describe what the actual errors are that might help them.

So far, all I have is 2 programs that say they're bad (MP3tag, MP3diags) and 3 that say they're good (iTunes, WMP, Windows Explorer) and no solid evidence of which set of programs is correct.


Mp3tag only displays an ID3v2 tag if it is correctly written.
The tag from your file is labeled as v2.3 but it also contains frames from v2.2 (they have only 3 letters)
This makes Mp3tag skip the whole tag. Other programs may be more tolerant and try to display as much as possible.

If this is the case then perhaps one could try to use iTunes which (had?) has a function to convert tags to a certain version. This could perhaps save some of the information.
Or the OP could try MP3val on a test file and see what that makes of it.

Thanks, everyone.