Mp3tag compatible popularimeter-ratings using Winamp


Hi, I'm looking for a way to write ratings in the popularimeter tag using Winamp.
Does anybody know a plugin or something that makes this possible?
It sucks always having to switch over to mp3tag to rate a song & the standard Winamp ratings aren't saved in the tags.. :huh:
And furthermore, is there a possibility to make Winamp show the popularimeter value as a column in playlist and media libary?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


If you serch for POPM on the Winamp forum you should find some discussion on this.


Thank you, I read those.. Seems to be a problem since about 2001. Strange the folks at winamp haven't implemented support for the POPM field. The ratings being stored in the Media Libary is ridiculous!

Ok, then I'll have to find another way. i like Winamp, but.. What players do you use to listen to and RATE your music?


But why do you want the rating in the tag if you only use Winamp?

I use foobar2000 and I save my ratings in the tags.
It has no support for this special ID3v2 field, but it is very customizable and offers user-defined tag fields like Mp3tag.

MediaMonkey seems also a good choice for tag ratings (uses POPM).


If the ratings are in the POPM field (where they belong) it's easy to copy them to comments, which can be read by crippled Winamp. And it's too much work to rate all the files in WInamp and then lose all the Data because of reorganising the archive..

I also had a look at foobar twi days ago, but it seems it might take a while to get adjusted to it/get it adjusted to you. Usually i like being able to configure everything myself but it also takes time to do so.
Glad you told me it doesn't support the POPM field. (Why do so few Players support it??)

I downloaded MediaMonkey today and will give it a try!