Mp3tag config update not working (Windows 10, 64-bit)

Struggling with Windows 10 and mp3tag 2.84a configuration. Expanding a config zip file in the mp3 roaming folder does not update the configuration.

Is this a bug or does Windows 10 require a different process?

Dennis...aka "d2b"

The question is whether this folder is used at all for the local installation.
You should also check the program folder and generally look for the mp3tag.cfgt file that shows an uptodate modification data.

I found a solution to this problem. It was the proper roaming folder for mp3tag, and it was the correct configuration file that I wanted to use to customize the application. The difficulty I had was traced to my use of the built-in tool that Windows 10 calls upon to open and extract the contents of the zip file.

This Windows 10 PC is not mine, so all of my prior experience with updating mp3tag's configuration has been with Windows 7 and an early version of WinZip. In previous configuration updates, it was a simple matter to drop the desired zip file in mp3tag's Roaming folder and use WinZip's "extract to here" option.

With Windows 10, it took numerous trials to get the zip file expanded correctly in that same folder.

Thanks for your quick response.

Dennis ... aka "d2b"