mp3tag context shell command on a folder but not files

I had mp3tag 2.37f installed on my WinXP pro machine. I could right-click on an mp3 or flac file and load that specific file into mp3tag.

However, I have recently reinstalled WinXP and mp3tag 2.37h. I get the mp3tag context shell option on a folder, but not on a file/group of files.

I've hunted through all the program options and can't see a way of adding the shell context option. I don't remember seeing any option when I installed. Have I missed something?

This can only be done during the installation.
So just run the installation again and watch the options carefully.

Strange. I re-ran the installer, and didn't change any options - the options that I had previously selected included the explorer context menu.

It's working now though - thanks.

I have the same issue. Running on Vista. I used to be able to right click a file and send it to mp3tag. It only works on folders now.

Can this be fixed?

I wrote how to get it back, right?

Sorry I should have said that I re-installed the application and it didn't resolve the issue. It could be Vista related of course. I havent tried an earlier version though.