Mp3tag crashes when creating local freedb index


Hi all,

I am using mp3.tag.exe version 2.36a (on WinXP SP1) and I wanted to create a local freedb instance. I downloaded the freedb database and extracted it to the file system.

In the Options I stated the local freedb path, checked the "Windows Format" radio button and started the creation procedure for the local index.

After indexing about half of the freedb I get a Windows error message that terminates the program. In the Event Viewer it states: "Faulting application mp3tag.exe, version, faulting module mp3tag.exe, version, fault address 0013261c."

I am not sure whether the problem is related to my freedb instance ot to mp3tag.

Any help ?

Thanks, Daniel.

  1. Make sure that you have dowloaded the complete Windows related database "freedb-win-20060701.7z" (... wondering if you did this).
  2. In the Options you have to check the "Windows Format" radio button (... you did it).
  3. Make sure that there is enough free space on the disk because the unzipped extracted database "FREEDB-WIN" costs about 2 GB of your diskspace.
    MP3Tag fills it's own database "Mp3tagFreedb.db" put into your Local Settings area which costs about 180 MB of your diskspace .
    I'm using Mp3tag 2.36c and got no error on updating existing Mp3tag database yesterday.