Mp3tag crashes when tagging big batches

I've actually found another bug related to this. I'm not sure if it should really be considered a bug - but I'd like to think so...

Anyhow; as you can tell by the topic title, the program crashes when tagging an unusual amount of files. In my case, it is 226 FLAC (encoder: libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917) files exactly. To reproduce it, I simply: select all files (via CTRL+A) -> copy the tags (via CTRL+C) -> remove all tags (via the cross symbol in the toolbar) -> paste all tags back (via CTRL+V). I use VorbisComments to tag FLAC. The progressbar then stops, and I'm prompted with an error report dialog (not Windows' own prompt). Tagging all of the files separately in smaller batches (50 each) solves the problem.

The second bug is involved in the process above - when I select all files and remove the tags (same method as mentioned above), it will start removing the tags, and when it's done approximately 95% of the process, it will stop for around 10 seconds. Then it successfully finishes and the "removing tags" window disappears. Interesting note: moving the mouse pointer even the slightest after the point that it stops, finishes the process instantly (I've compared at least five times).

I'm using Windows XP SP3 Professional (retail, with no updates installed, except for possibly additional ones needed for some services and so). I've tried your latest development build (v2.48b), and the problem existed in the regular version of v.2.48 as well.

I would suggest that you use the cut (scissors symbol) function if you want to move the tags to the specialized clipboard and to paste them from there.
The red cross function is intended to delete tags completely.

Please watch your hard disc activity when you encounter the 10 seconds break. If it is constantly on it has to do with your hard disk cache and nothing with mp3tag.

Maybe you have detected a new problem ...
... but your description how to reproduce it, seems to be have errors, and won't work.

Do you speak about tag-fields or complete tags?

[Ctlr+C] is an edit menu command and copies the entire internal tag structures to the Mp3tag Clipboard from all selected files.
[Ctlr+A] is an edit menu command and selects all files in the current list view.
[Ctrl+R] is a file menu command and removes the entire internal tag structure from all selected files.
[Ctrl+V] is an edit menu command and pastes back the current content from the Mp3tag Clipboard to the selected files. The number of selected files and their sequence is important to get the right content back into the right file.

Keep in mind that Mp3tag has the [Ctrl+Z] Undo edit menu command feature.


I'm not stupid. I know what the commands does, otherwise I wouldn't be using them. The commands were run from the list where all files are displayed. Obviously... And please, read the post again! There are no "ERRORS" with the reproduction description. There's an internal function in Mp3tag that allows you to simply use the copy and paste commands by simply marking up a file and pressing whatever command.

Also, the point IS to remove all tags COMPLETELY, so I'm NOT doing something I don't want to do.

OK, I did read again your post, maybe I did read it too fast, and maybe I was too nitpicking.
I have tried again your procedure ... and still I am mssing the [Ctrl+A] before doing the [Ctrl+C], what you have described as the first step in your procedure.

It would be of interest, what the error report says.



Well ... your avi shows, that an error message about an 'unexpected error' has been displayed.
So it is hard to say for a simple forum user what is going on behind the curtain and what ever thing has been unexpected.
Did you send the dmp file to the named email address
Oh ... I see you have attached already the dmp file within the zip file.
This is the stuff what the developer loves.
So be patient until you get an answer.


How? I show everything that's going on, via the Notepad window... Nothing else "goes on behind the curtain".

'Behind the curtain' means 'behind the GUI'.
Your Mp3tag got a problematic error situation, because the error has been 'unexpected' for the developer, which means, that the reason for this error situation might be unknown and needs further investigation.
Me, I cannot do well telling fortunes.
Please be patient and wait for the developer what he can read from the dump file.


Could you check if the error also occurs when foobar2000 and Virtualdub are not running?
To me it looks as though they could grab a file while mp3tag tries to access them which then leads to an access violation.

I have. And it works exactly the same.
Have any of you people even tried to reproduce it yourself (with the same amount of files, and so...)? Maybe you should try that instead of giving me (useless) suggestions, and see if you have the same problem.

I cannot setup a scenario to reproduce the errors.

I do not use flac.
And even if I did I would not have the same files as you have - it could have been a problem that has to do with the integrity of your files.
I do not use the same programs in the background as you do.
I do not handle the program in the same way.
And in order to find out whether the problem is an individual or a general one the trouble shooting has to be a dialogue.
In the course of this dialogue, questions are asked and suggestions stated. That the suggestions did not work for you - pity.
In general, I have the impression, that the advice given in this forum is more on the useful side.

I've tried with a few thousand FLAC tracks and didn't have any problems. So must be something odd on your end with the files or something on your system.

try the following: CTRL+A (select all), CTRL+R (remove tag), CTRL+Z (undo remove tag)

does it work without the problems you described?

what happens if you use ape-tags (like it should be for flac)?

No, No, No. Standard FLAC file tagging is "vorbis comments". :wink:

well, then I mixed something up :wink:

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