MP3tag does not open all of the trax that I select

**I have used MP3TAG for a few years now, I'm not an advanced use but consider myself fairly used to the program.

I have just ripped a new double album (karaoke) using Power CD+G Burner v2, and when I had finished did what I have always done in the past when adding tags, which is to selct all the files in the folder, right-click and press [3].

But MP3TAG is only displaying 12 out of the 36 tracks that I have ripped - 4 from the first disc and 8 from the second disc.

I have tried dragging and dropping the unopend files into the program, but that hasn't worked at all.

I am completely at a loss as to why the program will open these (unopened) MP3 files., and welcom advice as to what I can do to solve my problem**

Can you check whether the Filter is enabled? You can enable/disable it via F3.

Thank you for that Florian. This is a new install on a new machine, and I have never heard of or used the F3 filter - I have found it in the View set of options.

Looking in your Help file I can see the explanation Shows/hides the filter where you can filter the list of files using a search string or [filter expressions] But since I have never used a filter I would expect that to be empty.

But thank you for restoring MP3TAG to it's normal functionality for me.

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