Mp3Tag Does not recognize Bitrate


I have a mp3 which the bitrate and length is not recognized by the app. There is no issue in the file as it is showing correctly in Windows explorer and Windows Media Player.
I cannot attach the file because it is 5 MB. I wish the size limitation was at leas 10 MB

This is the link on Google Drive:

Thanks for improving the app.

I seriously doubt that.
Please test the file with the linked utilities:

There is no issue in file but mp3tag app does not show the bitrate and length of the song.

mp3tag bug

Yes. You said so.
So: what is the result of the checks with the utilities?
That MP3tag does not show this information usually means that the header of the file is corrupt.

I repaired the file with MP3val and there was issue on on the file. it is fixed now and correct data is showing up in mp3tag app. The tools are very cool.

Thank you and sorry to take your time. :ok_hand:

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