MP3Tag Does not replace the tag "Album Interpret" if the existing tag ends with a semicolon (;)

The tag Album-Interpret is not replaced by a new one, if the existing tag ends with a semicolon.
The new tag-contents are simply appended to the original.

I found this error using Foobar2000 to check and correct the tag.

How do you do this replacing?

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The solution to replace the album-interpret-tag ist simple:

  • Use Foobar2000
  • add the album-tracks and mark them all
  • select "properties"
  • correct the album.interpret-tag
  • OK

2nd solution:
Let the developer correct the MP3Tag-Program :slight_smile:

Please tell us how you do it and what the tags look like in the dialogue Extended tags (Alt-T)
I just added a semicolon to the field ALBUMARTIST (there is no standard field "Album Interpret") and then entered a string without semicolon and nothing got appended - the field content got replaced with the new data.
And as this did not reproduce the alleged bug, it would be interesting to see how you did it.

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Ok with the ALBUMARTIST!
You are right.
If you add a semicolon at the end of the tag, save it , and the remove the semicolon, it really works fine.

The problem lies in the origin of the tagged album e.g. when the album is downloaded from e.g. a torrent.
There must be some code in the tag, which are not recognised by MP3tag.
I try to reconstruct the last occurrence and will send more details in the next days

Please note that some applications use the semicolon to show multi-value fields
That is why I asked for a look at the extended tags dialogue where you would then see several fields of the same type.