MP3Tag does not show all MP3s in a directory

I recently moved to a new PC running 64-bit Windows7 and installed MP3Tag 2.45a to start cleaning up my music files -- which are a mess. I have noticed something odd and hope someone has some suggestions to guide me.

I have many folders where some (or all) of the MP3 files do not display when I open the directory with MP3Tag. But I can see all of them with Windows Explorer (and play them all with iTunes/WMP/Quicktime... so I know they are valid MP3 files).

For example, when I display a directory with MP3Tag that contains 16 MP3 files, all ripped at the same time from the same CD, MP3Tag only shows Tracks 1,6,9,10,12,13,14,15,16. However, I have many other directories where MP3Tag displays all MP3s as I would expect.

It's very hard to use MP3Tag to update the tags if they're not displayed. Any ideas??
(I searched through the Forums and FAQs on it, but couldn't find a similar issue.)


There are many cases in which an applied filter limits the amount of displayed files. As this filter is not removed when you reopen MP3tag or move to another directory it may be that you simply see the filtered result - although you never applied a filter to this particular directory.
Check the bottom of the mp3tag window if there is a filter and if so, delete all strings in the filter field. Your list should then be updated.

I think you need to check the settings so that it reads SUB DIRECTORIES

Go to
Tools> Options... > General > ** and make sure "Subdirectories" is checked

or just press " CTRL+O " and make sure "Subdirectories" is checked

P.s. I usually just Drag and drop the folders I want to work with into MP3Tag instead of Browsing to add directory

Ohrenkino, you're a genius!! There was a string in the filter field -- not sure how it got there, since I haven't (intentionally) used any filters -- but when I deleted it, all the files were visible again.

ThorsonB, thank you for your thoughts as well. In this case, that wasn't the problem, because all files were in the same subdirectory ... but I see how that could have caused similar symptoms. Obviously something to be careful about.

Thanks again to both of you!! ....Phil