Mp3tag does not show subdirectories

My files are organized /audiobooks/author/title/disc-nn. As I collect the discs for a book there are multiple disc folders. First I make the unique changes for each disc (add disc number & renumber tracks with just digits & leading zeros). Then I move up one level to show all of the disc folders for a book and make all remaining changes to ALL of the files for the book. Finally I use the Move button to move ALL of the files to a single folder for the book. I've been doing this for many, many years. It no longer works. Go up one level from a Disc folder with the UP button and there is nothing showing. Not even the folder I was just working with. Likewise from File Explorer, right click on the Author or Title folder for the context menu, select mp3tag, and it now shows nothing. I can only see files if I select a single directory. I'm not sure when this got broken since I've been away from collecting audiobooks for about 6 months. Was working on this PC. mp3tag is PC version 3.08 on a Dell Intel i7 PC running Windows 10 version 20H2 with all updates. I tried a couple of previous versions I had on hand with same result. Has Microsoft screwed us again with latest updates?

Form me it is rather hard to follow which part of the program you use for which step.
Are these actions?
Do you use the Converters?
Do you use function to change or add a directory?

Anyway: if you see an Explorer window to select file system objects, then MP3tag only allows you to open folders. And therefore the Explorer only shows folders as objects , no files.
Also, it could be that you have applied a filter (perhaps even with an invisible space character) and therefore the file list remains empty.
It may be easier to supply screendumps than to try to describe the whole thing with words.

Part 1. Change to an individual disk folder. Ctrl-A to select all tracks, Ctrl-K to renumber tracks (preset for leading zeros so stupid players sort correctly). Manually fix disc number (with leading zero if more than 9 discs). Ctrl-S to save change. Once you've done this a few times, it only takes a few seconds to do this for each disc.

Repeat Part 1 for all discs in set. Sometimes I use the Change Directory button in mp3tag. Sometimes I close mp3tag, then come back from File Explorer by selecting a directory and using the right click context menu to launch mp3tag.

Part 2. Once the last disc's files are prepared, I use the mp3tag's UP button to move up to the parent directory containing the folders for all discs in the book.

At this point you should see ALL of the files for the book. It used to work. Now it does not work. You are looking at an empty mp3tag screen. Not even the files/tracks in the folder you just moved UP from.

If I have been interrupted between Part 1 and Part 2, I would use Windows File Explorer, select the book's directory (title folder), right click for the context menu and launch mp3tag. It should show all the files in all the "disc" folders. It used to work. Now it does not work. You are looking at an empty mp3tag screen.

At his point the steps listed above are the only things I would have done with mp3tag. I'll let you characterize what you would call each key stroke and button click.

I listed the steps in Part 1 to illustrate how I had manipulated the files using mp3tag. The Problem begins with Part 2.

No filters - I saw that mentioned and checked. No invisible space unless a bug in mp3tag is adding one as you change directories or as it launches when pointed at a parent directory..

I am familiar with mp3tag's explorer window. Demonstrating the problem does not require the use of mp3tag's built-in explorer.

The UP button is the simplest way to demonstrate the problem. Also entering mp3tag from the Windows File Explorer using the right click context menu. This should launch a clean copy of mp3tag (no filters) in the selected directory and display all of the files in the directories below the selected directory. I believe I have used this several times in the past to correct information like a misspelled author's name in all the files for all the books for an author. Marvelous...until it no longer works.

If you have a set of audio files that are organized as /artist/album/disc/tracks with 2 albums or 2 discs you can try for yourself. Select an album with more than one disc or an artist with more than one album. You SHOULD see all of the tracks in the subdirectories. Now, if your PC is running the same versions of Windows and mp3tag as mine, you will only see an empty mp3tag screen.

Change to a single directory any way you choose and all the files in the single directory are displayed. Go UP to the parent directory using mp3tag's UP button and you see nothing.

If you get different results, troubleshooting this is going to be difficult.

I have been using mp3tag for many, many years and am VERY familiar with the steps I have used to rationalize titles and tags of audiobook files so they will play correctly on any player including the earliest Sansa Fuse.

My problem does not involve any of the very useful features for manipulating filenames and tag information. I did not encounter any problems using those features that I routinely use to complete the processing of files for a book.

No, MP3tag remembers the workspace with which you closed it.

In fact, I do. I loaded a folder, which has several other folders on the same level, saw all the files, pressed the tool bar button "parent folder" and MP3tag loaded all the folders on that level including the files.

You are probably right - as it means that someone would have to look over your shoulder and see what makes your local conditions different from most other users.

A good indicator to see how many files actually got loaded is the status bar at the botton. There you can see how many files are loaded and how many are displayed.

Or: Press F3 a couple of times and see if the number of displayed files is different between keystrokes.

Not that this necessarily the case for you: but I had a thread in which a user noticed that not all the expected files got displayed only to find that the folder he looked at was not the folder that he had loaded.

Make sure you allow Subdirectories to be loaded.Load sub-directories


I was too tired to continue last night but seeing your comment on what mp3tag remembers I had decided to do a clean install. I have been just upgrading to each new version forever allowing it to retain my settings. Maybe something got tweaked when I installed the recent update before starting work. Before I saw your last message above, I did the uninstall, deleting everything. Reinstalling fixed the problem.The only thing I lost were some templates for tag and filename editing but they were easy to recreate.

I promise I have not looked at the "Directories" settings menu since the first time I poked around years ago, if I even noticed it then. The default is, and presumably always was to allow loading subdirectories. The sequence of operations I've done hundreds of times depends on reading subdirectories. The ability to move up one level and then move all the files from all the disc subdirectories into a single "book" directory with one click is brilliant.

You might look to see if upgrading sequentially from an old version (2.x) to current version twiddles the bit. Or maybe it was a slow neutron, sunspot or...

Anyway, problem solved! Thank you for very prompt assistance. I never expected an immediate reply and continued conversation. It was the middle of the night in the eastern US so I'm guessing that you are responding from Europe.

I recommend mp3tag to anyone who mentions needing to fix tags, especially for audiobooks. At the beginning I had tried an iPod for listening to audiobooks as I traveled. Then I picked up a Sansa Fuse. They only looked at tags to organize what you put on them. It doesn't matter too much if your music plays in random order. As a matter of fact, there was a mini-player called the Shuffle. Doesn't work at all for audiobooks! I don't think I have ever seen a set of disks that were consistent. And there are still players that don't sort the tracks right unless there are leading zeros. I found mp3tag and problem solved. I even wrote a step-by-step tutorial and posted it for all the others who were frustrated trying to make the nice tiny players work for them.

Thanks again! Stay safe!

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