MP3Tag doesn't read 'album artist' from MusicBee


Recently having switched as my favorite musicplayer from winamp>mediamonkey>foobar to MusicBee, and evaluating MP3Tag to possibly replace Tag&Rename, I run into a small but annoying problem.

When I enter the name of the 'album artist' in MusicBee, it is not being displayed in MP3Tag.
If after that, I enter the name of the 'album artist' in MP3Tag, I get a double entry in MusicBee.

This happens with flac files, but with mp3 it is working ok.
(for both MusicBee and MP3Tag I have exclusively ID3v2.4 UTF-8 selected)

Can I do something to change this myself, or should I bump this to Bugs?

On flac files Mp3tag is expecting ALBUMARTIST but Musicbee writes ALBUM ARTIST
(See View > Extended Tags)

You can make Mp3tag display ALBUM ARTIST as ALBUMARTIST

Go to "Options > Tags > Mapping" and add

Thanks Dano, you're fast and helpfull!