MP3Tag doesn't show all metadata for AAC files

At first I thought it was another tool's fault (the one I used to normalize the files) thinking it wasn't writing the tags but after the author of that other tool told me the info was there and was being written I checked again with Mediainfo and indeed the replay gain info is present in the files but MP3Tag doesn't show them.

I'm thinking maybe it is storing the replay gain in another metadata container and MP3Tag is only reading one of them, but I'm not sure.

Here are two sample files: (audio is from YouTube videos)


The replaygaindata is in the APE tags (again).
If you do not read APE tags then you don't see it.
If you read APE tags, then you don't see the contents of the ID3V2.3 tags, though.
Get a tool that writes replaygain info to ID3V2.3 tags.

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Thanks for the info. I have the options enabled but apparently MP3Tag isn't removing the APE tags for these files, I have opened them in MP3Tag and just clicked "Save" which should remove the other containers but after opening the file again with Mediainfo the replay gain info is still there, so APE tags are still present? I'm misunderstanding the option and MP3Tag wont remove all the APE tags and only will remove one of them if there is v1 and v2?


You see the presence of APE tags in the column for the tag or in the dialogue title of the extended tags dialogue for a single file.

To get rid of the APE tags, read and delete only APE tags.
Use the function "Cut tags" and watch the column with the tag version display. Now you should see that the APE tags have gone.
After you are done, go back to the original settings in the MPEG options like you showed in the screendump.

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Thanks, I see now. I don't know how I didn't check that column.

Thanks for the help again.

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