MP3Tag don't find all Tags from discogs

MP3Tag v 2.53 don't find all Tags from discogs. I enter the albumname, in my case "Experience" (from The Prodigy) but "The Prodigy" don't will be listet. A Bug on MP3Tag?

I have the same issue with a track from the album "Sun" by Cat Power that was release in 2012. The latest date of "Sun" is the album name is 2011 and none map to Cat People.

The limit somehow is set to 50 returned from Discogs however the "Do... while" loops are set to 99. Is there some way to change the setting. I did a search for Sun as a release title on Discogs and almost 23,000 titles were returned. After I added the artist on 8 was found. There should be a way of adding the artist into the search.