mp3tag embedded art in id3v2.3 and 2.4

This could be bug in one of the following software/firmware, but I am incline to think it might be an mp3tag issue:

I have a Samsung YP-P3 media player and an Android phone (HTC Hero) which reads the embed art of mp3 files. With mp3tag, these are read correctly by the software of the player/phone when it's saved as id3v2.3.

When it is saved a id3v2.4, both device cannot read the embed art. If I re-save the tag with easytag, another tagging program, without modifying any information/embedded file, the devices mentioned above will read them correctly with id3v2.4 tag.

mp3tag remains my favorite tagger by far with all the customized scripts, so I have no intention of switching to easytag. Can this be a bug in the way mp3tag handles the embedded art?


I'm guessing that EasyTag doesn't apply unsynchronisation to the tag data when writing ID3v2.4 (which Mp3tag does) and both devices can't handle unsynced tag data.

It's only a guess, though. But I don't think that the issue is with Mp3tag.

You are absolutely right, from easytag's CHANGED file:

Is there an option to disable unsynchronisation in mp3tag?

No, Mp3tag uses unsynchronisation for ID3v2.4 whenever it is needed and doesn't use it for ID3v2.3 (for increased compatibility with older applications -- and newer devices with lazy developers :wink:)

Hi guys,

I'm using also a Hero smartphone which is unable to read the covers as Mathieu mentioned it.

I have experienced that the covers are not correctly readed by AIMP software (MP3 file reader) for example (and other devices).
Using this software, the cover is badly displayed (it seems the file encoding is wrong).

As I'm not familiar with the different tag version, I'm wondering if this problem is linked with tag version (2.3 to 2.4) or if the file encoding used by MP3Tag could be enhanced to enable the "sensitive" devices or software to work with.

Thank you for your answer.

Go to "Options > Tags > Mpeg" and enable
(x) ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1

That's the most compatible setting.

It works !
Thank you very much