Mp3tag-exported m3u files containing files with special characters get errors upon opening

I have a song named "All I Do - Jenil, LaCrême.mp3". When I export it to m3u and then try to open the m3u in Mp3tag I get a "File cannot be accessed" error. I also get an error when I try to open the same m3u in foobar2000.

When I export the same song in foobar2000 I can open the m3u in Mp3tag just fine. This leads me to believe this is a problem with how Mp3tag creates m3u files, or perhaps a setting I need to tamper with.

Can I do something about this to prevent it from happening?

Try to use UTF-8 characters instead of simple ANSI.

Save the playlist with the extension m3u8 instead of m3u and you will get the UTF-8 encoding.

see also the documentation:

Hmm so I can just add 8 to the extension to fix that. Thought that would screw things up since m3u8 is not an option on dropdown. Solved, thank you.