mp3tag fails to read samba share...

Hi All

This worked nicely previously, but now, mp3tag fails to read a folder full of my music, the folder resides on a QNAP NAS , which is using SAMBA to map my folder

I open the folder and it doesnt display any contents, even after a refresh, despite me knowing my music is there

Any ideas?


The first thing that comes to mind, as it worked previously, what has changed in the mean time ?

Do you see your music when going there with the Explorer ?
Do you have a filter in place ? F3 ?

My ideas are as follows: you have recently switched to WIndows 7 and you are now puzzled that no files are displayed in the folder if you invoke a "Select folder" from within mp3tag? This is so because Win7 does not display any files if it is told to select a folder.
If you open the folder in the WIndows Explorer and copy the path from the address box into the path entry box in mp3tag, does mp3tag open the folder? It should.