Mp3tag=? ->foobar2000:Performer

This is for the interaction between Mp3tag and foobar2000.
Specifically, I am talking about classical Works which have the following Information:
Orchestra and/or Chorus
Sopranos, Tenors, Basses, etc...

First, I entered the Orchestra and/or Chorus.
Then, I decided to enter the Conductor too.
Although, from a organization point of view, it is nice to enter the Conductor, in its own MP3 tag
field, I decided to enter those in Artist field, to make it easier to show in foobar2000.
Last, I decided to include also the soloist singers: Sopranos, Tenors, Basses etc.
In foobar2000, I have a Performer tag field.
In foobar2000, the artist titles are becoming quite long, and actually they do not fit to
show all those artists.
So, I decided to include just the soloist singers in Performer field of foobar2000.
So, I will not show them in Artist, and I will not see them.
But, if I want to see those soloist singers, I can open properties of the track in foobar2000,
and see them there...

If you agree with this strategy then:
What MP3 field do I have to use in Mp3tag, so that the contents are put in foobar2000's, Performer
field? I tried using the INVOLVEDPEOPLE, but they are not shown in foobar's Performer field...
The INVOLVEDPEOPLE field, would be perfect, because I could then put the role of each singer:

Soprano:Maria Callas;Tenor:...; etc.

There is no 'interaction' between mp3tag and foobar2000.

mp3tag writes the tags that it can handle into the files. (including any custom 'tags' that you have created in the files)

foobar2000 reads the tags it can handle from the files. (excluding your 'custom' tags)

If foobar2000 doesn't 'know' any particular tag name exists in the file ..... It ain't going to display them.

That's not correct. You can display any custom tag field you want with foobar2000.

Why don't you try it out for yourself?
Use foobar, load one mp3 file, open "Properties" and fill the tag field "Performer" with any data, apply the change to the file.
Use Mp3tag, load this one mp3 file, make sure to read the proper ID3 tag version, open the dialog "Extended tags..." and look for the tag-field with the data, which you have entered in the step before.
Use this tag-field's name (should be PERFORMER) to have compatibility between Mp3tag and foobar.



I was trying to do it the other way. From MP3tag to foobar2000.
But, it worked as you said, so case is solved.
The 2 are linked by the PERFORMER field.
And perhaps better, as PERFORMER field string can be freely adjusted as I want.
No need for the pairs as in INVOLVEDPEOPLE.

PS: I tried and entered INVOLVEDPEOPLE in MP3tag, and then went and inserted exactly
INVOLVEDPEOPLE, in foobar2000's Properties Advanced Display.
But it does not show the contents.
But, don't care as PERFORMER is the same for my purpose.

Read there how to format the content of INVOLVEDPEOPLE ...

You can use "INVOLVEDPEOPLE" (Mp3tag) and "INVOLVED PEOPLE" (foobar) in both applications side by side, when using the tag-type ID3v2.4.

It looks like Mp3tag adds erroneously a colon character at the end of the people list ...
... when foobar displays ...

foobar has published ...
IPLS - Involved people list

This frame is replaced by the two frames TMCL, 'Musician credits
list' [F:4.2.2], and TIPL, 'Involved people list' [F:4.2.2].


Provide that you 'tell' foobar 2000 yes, but how is that an issue for mp3tag?

I didn't say it cannot be done, it is simply nothing at all to do with mp3tag!

Mp3tag is tool to write tag fields, which should be readable by other tools, especially mediaplayers. So discussing special mediaplayers and their ability to display certain tag fields or their problems with other fields is by no way off topic in this forum.

But i guess you didn't say that either.

Maybe I should have qualified the second statement with

But as it says in the last sentence;

Mp3tag does not create any proprietary tag-field.
Mp3tag is always striving to follow the common standard conventions for several tagging methods, in case they exist and are applicable.

Therefore it is possible to create an user defined tag-field by Mp3tag, and, when the other application follows the standards too, such an user defined tag-field can be used by the other application.

In addition to the variety of predefined tag-fields, the ID3 standard defines the TXXX frame for all sorts of user definable content.


Re: Involved People tag written by Mp3tag and read by foobar2000:

  1. The vast majority of my music files are FLAC, and for them I have always written the tag InvolvedPeople with Mp3tag.
  2. For wave files with tag ID3v2.3, I write the Involved People information into tag IPLS, since for reasons unknown to me foobar2000 does not recognize 1) in a ID3v2.3 wave file.

I have two Mp3tag tag entry text fields and fill in / edit only the appropriate one for the source file:

  1. Involved People [.........]
  2. Involved People (ID3v2.3) [.........]

On the foobar2000 side, I create a single custom column (in DUI SimPlaylist) named Involved People with the pattern code:
$ifgreater($len(%InvolvedPeople%),1,%InvolvedPeople%,' ')$ifgreater($len(%IPLS%),1,%IPLS%,' ')

foobar2000 now displays the appropriate case automatically.
Looking back, I suppose I could have written a single tag IPLS all along, but now I have thousands of flac files with the tag InvolvedPeople and only a few new ones that require IPLS, so it seems I am stuck carrying both entry fields in Mp3tag. Can Mp3tag's field mapping capability be used going forward, to interface with a single entry text box?


APPARENT SOLUTION: In Mp3tag, add a single line entry in Tools > Options > Tags > Mapping:
Tag = IDV3.2
Source = IPLS

Now I just need a single tag entry text field Involved People in the left pane of Mp3tag GUI, and both flac and wave files get written with their appropriate tags.

Thanks again to Mp3tag!