Mp3tag for adding spoken text annotations to audio files

Hey community,
Need a little help.
Has anyone explored integrating Wavel's text to speech tool with Mp3tag for adding spoken text annotations to audio files? I'm interested in enhancing my audio file metadata with voice descriptions, and Wavel's tool seems promising. If you have experience with this integration or have alternative suggestions within the Mp3tag environment, I'd appreciate any insights or guidance.
Thanks in advance!

MP3tag does not modify the audio contents.
I understood it that way that an audio file would get more audio to describe it.
There is currently no standard tag to link 2 audio files.
If it is a question of reading out the tag data then I would think that this is a feature of the player.
If it relates to handling MP3tag then I would assume that this is a general problem of the OS to output UI-related information.

Or is this just an ad to show us a text-to-speech program?

Thank you for your response.
I want to clarify that my intention was not to advertise any product or service but to seek assistance regarding a specific functionality in MP3tag.
I appreciate your insights into the matter.

Could it be that you want to use your mentioned software to create a text file like "My spoken words as text in a textfile.txt" and then import the text content of the *.txt file into your song as metadata?
Maybe in a custom tag called MYSPOKENTEXT?

Then you could use the Import Text File function:

and something like this:

Please be aware that it depends on your player if such a custom tag will be displayed.