MP3TAG for injecting 360 VR tags into an MP4...?

Is this possible? I've looked over the current supported tags @ tag field mapping, but I'm not sure what to look for.

I use this primarily with Space Engine to produce 360 videos, and since I have already used MP3TAG for years with MP3's I would much rather use that, than some other tiny utility whose sole purpose is to inject that one tag.

Should this be in "feature requests", or is this something I can already add in myself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can tag an example file with whatever software you know is capable to do it.

Then you can load such a external tagged file into Mp3tag, press ALT + T and see, which tags Mp3tag already supports. Maybe you are lucky and the needed tags are supported out of the box?
If not, you should report here, what tags exactly do you need.

Thanks for the response! Yep, I tried that already, but I saw no differences in tags between untagged equirectangular videos and either videos just tagged by the 360 injector tool or tagged by both that and youtube. :frowning: I saw no 360 vr tags at all. I even looked in extended tags.

As far as which tags are needed, I'm still looking, but it looks like they look something like this: "GSpherical:Spherical". I'm not sure if there are multiple ones I need, or different ones, but it looks like I need at least that one.

Sorry to bump this, but I haven't been able to isolate any further 360 tags. Would it be possible to at least add that one at some point please?