Mp3tag for Mac v1.5 released

Mp3tag for Mac v1.5 released

I’ve just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.5 and there are many changes and improvements, some of which I want to highlight here for you:

New action types and import from Windows

I’ve added three new action types with this release:

  • Convert Codepage takes care of text that was encoded using a different codepage and tries to revert the damage.
  • Import Text File allows for importing the contents of a text file to a tag field (e.g., the lyrics of a song).
  • Set Cover Properties allows for setting the cover type (Front, Back, …) and a cover description for embedded album art.

Beyond that, the new Import feature allows for importing action groups created using the Windows version.

Cover thumbnails for Tag Sources search results

The list of search results when importing from Discogs or MusicBrainz now includes a cover thumbnail to make it easier to choose the correct release. I’m using this for a few weeks now and can’t imagine going back.

Importing via direct text input

Till now, Mp3tag used an external text file when importing via converter Text file - Tag. With the new version, I’ve added the option to also import via direct text input. It’s especially helpful for cases, where you would create a temporary file just for importing (e.g., a tracklisting that is copied from Wikipedia).

A few more things

I’ve also worked on many more fixes and other changes that don’t make it into dedicated mentions in this newsletter. However, if you’re interested, you can inspect them all via the Mp3tag for Mac changelog. If something is unclear or sparks your interest, please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you’re not yet using Mp3tag for Mac, you can always get the 7-day trial version — only days you’re using the app are counted.

Thank you for reading, your interest, and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

P.S. The first early-access alpha version of Mp3tag was released 2 years ago :partying_face: It's 50+ versions later now!

Changelog for Mp3tag for Mac v1.5


  • Added cover thumbnails to list of Tag Sources search results.
  • Added support for importing via direct text input at converter Text file - Tag.
  • Added action type Convert Codepage.
  • Added action type Import Text File.
  • Added action type Set Cover Properties.
  • Added support for MP4 .m4r files.

Changed, Improved & Fixed

  • Added support for editing action groups also when no files are selected.
  • Changed to use placeholders for current cover at action Export Cover.
  • Added a workaround to collect all files when loading via Open with... even if system sends open notifications in multiple runs.
  • Fixed an issue where clipped toolbar items were always disabled.

How do I get an update for Mac version? I'm still using v1.2.2. Your 'Send Feedback' function doesn't work as it just opens Chrome and goes to Your email bounced as well. Things doesn't seem to be going very right here.

If you have bought the app via the Mac App Store, you can get the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app.

If you've bought a license code via the website, you can update via Mp3tag → Check for Updates....

The Send Feedback button uses the system-wide handler for mailto: URLs. Normally, this is but you might have reconfigured your system.