Mp3tag for... other files??

Hi, after more than 2 years using mp3tag and learning to use it with advanced codes (I am spanish speaker... and sometimes I do the strict translation :stuck_out_tongue: ) I have realised I am dependent of this software.

That is not a problem, the problem arises when I have to rename files like ebooks (.pdf or .doc) or other ones...

For instance, Irfanview can rename images and pictures and it quite good, but 1) not as good as mp3tag for mp3 files and 2) I am interesting in other file formats...

So, my question is dual.

Do you know a similar software like mp3tag but in order to be used with other types of files??
Have you thought in developing a version of mp3tag for other formats?? something like "filetag"??

The Multi-Rename tool of Total Commander in combination with the various existing Content plug-ins provides similar means to rename files.

No, this is unfortunately not planned at the moment.

Ant Renamer is awesome

I use Lupas Rename

ReNamer is also a nice program.

A vote for Total Commander - the universal tool for everything (under Windows) :slight_smile: