Mp3tag for tagging iTunes podcasts

I will start uploading podcasts to iTunes myself, and I am also trying to sort through a lot of information regarding tagging podcasts for iTunes.

I hav at least some ideas about what fields are used for what when it comes to podcasts. And I will set up a custom panel for this. But I would like to make sure I have all the iTunes fields as well.

I do not have access to any podcasts that has been published on iTunes, so I am not able to see the metadata used. Just a feeling - digging in to a few samples would probably be the best way to determine what is needed.

There are some guides out there, but there seems to be a lot of opinions and very little hard facts.

Is it possible to add custom tags in mp3tag that has not yet been defined in the software?

Also - do you know of a tool that can display raw metadata from an mp3 without interpreting the fields etc.?

If you want to upload your podcast to iTunes, I'd recommend ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 as tag format at "Options > Tags > Mpeg" (ID3v1 and APEv2 omitted) and provide the following fields

Basic fields

  • YEAR

Cover art

High-quality cover art either jpg or png.

iTunes related fields

Those are necessary for iTunes

  • PODCAST set to 1
  • PODCASTDESC Description of this podcast episode.
  • PODCASTID Podcast ID
  • PODCASTURL Podcast feed URL

Optional fields


You can add have a look at Tag field mappings for a complete list of tag fields. You can also define your own fields, which will then be written as user-defined fields.

I suggest downloading some of your favorite podcasts, where you find that all information is displayed as it should be and inspect the downloaded files through Mp3tag.

Please also have a look at Apple's iTunes Connect Resources and Help for more tips on feed and cover-art requirements, testing a podcast and more.

Thank you very much for this detailed answer!

Is there a way to add a default value to a field?

The name of the podcast, the host, genre and feed URL could all be pre-filled.

Also, it would be useful if we could set one field as a copy of another. Title and podcastdesc should both contain the same info.

Just trying to streamline the process as much as possible.

Again - thank you for your answer!

Setting standard values can be achieved with action groups that contain one to several actions of the type "Format value" for the fields into which either text constants should be written or the contents of other fields should be copied.