MP3Tag/freedb orders tracks by length incorrectly.


I have 23 MP3s which are completely MISlabelled (the tracks have the wrong title tags). To correct this I used MP3Tag+freedb to get a list of track information, then sort that list by length.

Unfortunately this tags the tracks incorrectly.

I also use MEXP for WinAmp, another MP3 Tag tool which uses freedb. MEXP also gets the tags wrong, but differently.

BUT MEXP shows me the track times. I can then order the tracks by hand.

Can the track times be displayed in the freedb box in MP3Tag? This would make sorting by hand possible for this situation.

Many thanks

discogs_json_data.rar (10.3 KB)


Hi POotle!

I'll implement your suggestion to the next release!

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thanks Florian!

One more request on the forum...


I've implemented this with the current Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian