MP3Tag hanging when saving/updating tags

Hi everyone.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've begun to have this problem where by when I update tags of any filetype, I have to wait around 20 seconds from pressing the "Update Tags" button to MP3Tag alerting me to the fact that they've been updated. This used to work fine; I only used to wait for about a second, and they would be updated.

This isn't an issue with RAM; this PC has 3 GB, and the CPU usage isn't that high either.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Sounds a lot like a harddisk topic.
Could you check if the harddisk LED is on while you experience the "hanging".
Also: what size are the files? What type are they (e.g. FLAC). What OS do you use? How many other files have you loaded? Do you update the filename or just the tags? Do you apply a filter and have a lot of files loaded?
In general: loading and saving is mostly an OS problem and one of the underlying hardware.

Hi, and thanks for your reply.

I'm visually impaired, so am unable to see the HD light. However, it is making noise, so it sounds as if the file is being loaded or something similar.

I wasn't renaming the file; just updating the tags. This particular example was a 390 MB Ogg file, but I also tested a 700 MB FLAC file, and experienced the same result. Smaller files work fine, so I'm beginning to think it's a problem with large files ...