MP3Tag Hangs Up On Large Libraries


When MP3Tag tries to read my mp3's, it hangs up after reading the 577th MP3 file out of 9256 MP3's. I have tried multiple times and it hangs up every time. Is this a know bug or what is the problem?



The 577th file is the problem. It propably has too much garbage in the tag or is damaged.
Move it to another direcotry.


I'm having the same problem. How do I identify which file it is that is causing the problem?


It's usually the file which causes MP3Tag to hang. So, if the progress bar tells you that file 230 from 500 is being read, the boggus file is usually the 230th.


The real issue is how do you find out which file is number 577, I had this problem today on my iriver DAP and resolved it like this:

Download Red Chair's Tag Verifier here.
Install and run this on your mp3 dir or dir's, as it scans it shows the file number so you know when it's gonna find a corrupt file. I found a full album that was corrupt, the mp3's played fine but I couldn't reset or write an id3 to the file. Once I'd removed the corrupt files the issue was resolved.

Hope that helps anyone with this issue.

ps. you won't find the tag verifier listed on Red Chair's site for some reason, it is freeware though.