Mp3tag has no internet connection

For already a longer time, Mp3tag is no longer able to connect to the internet. No web sources can be accessed, when I click Help->check for updates, nothing happens (sometimes the program "freezes" for a few seconds when I try this and then returns).
Firewall says mp3tag has access for all ip adresses and all ports for both incoming and outgoing connections (see screenshot).
New install after deleting everything in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag did not change the picture.
I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise, 21H1. The problem started several months ago, before that, everything worked perfectly.
Any ideas someone?


The symptoms that you describe are accurate for no internet access.
Yet, there is hardly anything that can be done from the distance. You have to reset more or less the internet connection for MP3tag and see which program (virus checker, firewall etc) may block MP3tag.
As you say that the firewall does not block: is that the only firewall that you have?