MP3Tag-Help file won't open in Windows 8

... and then I'm told to go look in Windows' App Store... No help there!

Going via the Mp3Tag Help-link in my Classic Start Menu works perfectly, the problem is only with the program shortcut / F1.

Seems to be a generel Windows 8 annoyance for a lot of people with regards to all sorts of links, not just "(file)".

"(file)" must of course refer to the help-index file, "file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Mp3tag/help/index.html".

Html-files are allready associated with Firefox, so thats not the problem.

Any suggestions to the cause and/or cure for this bizarre Windows 8 performance from anyone in this forum?

Greetings Muntra

Just in case right click on the index.html file, do you see this?

If that's the case, try using this:

Unassociate the file using this program, then add firefox through the rightclick>proprieties again.