Mp3tag Home Screen links

One small quibble - the links at the top of the English version of the mp3tag home page are a little confusing - because "SUPPORT" is both the 3rd and the 6th options. I know that the 3rd is to support mp3tag development and the 6th is user support but until I figured that out I found myself in the wrong place many times. It's unfortunate that Unterstützen translates to support in English but since it does, maybe changing the 3rd option to "Donations" would help??

Strange, it shows "Donate" on my English home screen. But in the top right, there is an icon to show the German page. Your screen shot shows the English icon - I think you are using the German page with something like Google Translate enabled.

I think you're right!!!

I've been using as the URL, I now see I need to add /en

Or just click on the English flag! :slight_smile:

:+1: Looks like almost anything will work, except what I was doing LOL

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