do I use it !?


Noob here. How do I use MP3TAG ? OK, I know you'll tell me to read the help pages but I need some pointers too. For example, when I add my directory I get all the music in it (which has been converted to Flac) with the track number first then Artist then track title but the artwork doesn't show up. I have to do it manually. However, I have a few albums where the artist is mentioned first then the track title and that's it but here the artwork shows up !? How does this happen ? Surely I don't have to add all the artwork manually ? The artwork is in the folders for each set of music. Can someone throw some light on what to do please ? I have other questions but I'll leave them for now. Thanks.

To make Mp3tag show covers from the folder of the audio file, the option at "Options > Tags" Don't display first image from file directory as cover art must be disabled.

Excellent, thanks dano :slight_smile: .