Mp3tag Icon Appears When Right Click On Folder

Why does an Mp3tag icon appear on the list when I right click on a folder in Windows 11?

What is the purpose of this, and can it be removed.

The right-click menu usually shows functions that can be applied to the selected object. In the context of MP3tag and a folder the function will start MP3tag and open the selected folder.

It is an option during installation.
So you would have to repeat the installation but with an unticked option to add the function to the Windows Explorer context menu.

The purpose would be to open the contents of that folder (and potentially any subfolders) using mp3tag. Only files that mp3tag can recognize are actually opened, all others are ignored.

Thanks for your replies.

I uninstalled Mp3tag and reinstalled it with Context Menu unticked and it worked.

Thanks again.

But this is a very useful feature and I don't know why you want to remove it.
Nearly all people here ask how to get it.

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