mp3tag in portable ??

i'd like to have mp3tag in portable version
does anyone have it ???????

I second this request.


Can't we have all Mp3tag settings stored into an .ini file rather than using the registry (with path specifications defined as relative according to the program location when possible)?
I could then use it directly on my usb-player...

Digging a bit further, I found that generating a configuration archive (File/Save configuration...) and extracting it in the application directory will do the trick! Cool...

The last unsolved thing is the "Directory" dropdown in the Tag panel:

  • There's no mean to clear the previous items,
  • I couldn't provide a relative path.
Should we consider these as bugs?


You can use [Shift+Del] for that.

Kind regards,

i see that making this brilliant program mp3tag is unpossible to make in portable version.
Such a pity...:frowning:

It's possible.