Mp3tag in the Format

Hi everyone,

Wouldn't it be great to have an official portable app of Mp3tag?
There is already a portable version HERE. But further development is useless if the author doesn't give his permission.

Would you give the permission to repackage and redistribute Mp3tag?

Thanks in Advance

kindly regards

AFAIK it is already possible to install MP3tag on portable devices as a protable installation and it runs perfectly. And all this works without any need for repackaging. So it "would" not be great, it already is.

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I knew that there is a way to use Mp3tag portable. But the main reason for me to do this is to release an official! Mp3tag Portable which is much more user friendly to install.

I'd like to get an official answer from Florian if he wants to do this or not.

It would be nice if at least a zipped version was available to download so we don't have to install it for each new version first.

I install the non-portable version to my laptop.
You can unzip the setup program (make sure you enable "keep folder structure" option). Copy/paste folders as per Florian suggestion.
I hope this does not break any "law"...

This is not the solution to my "problem". And unzip a msi installer can cause even more problems. Because the files zipped in the msi are not the names they will have after installation.

I need a statement from Florian. How can I contact Florian directly because he is probably not looking in the forums and I can't sent him a pm.

Have a look at the impressum page.

Thanks. Email sent but I am not sure if he got it because of the downtime <_<

One week over and still no reply :unsure:

IMHO I would take that as a "no".

I want an official statement from him and no prediction. Maybe he didn't get my mail then what?

You want an affirmative response. Everything else still has the same effect like a "no".

Why Format and a Installer?

I wish there was a Portable ZIP version or a PortableApps installer version or a Checkbox for making official installer "Portable" (so it won't add anything to Registry or Uninstaller.exe or related files).

The solutions so far presented do not work. The current program will always create the folder %APPDATA%\Mp3tag. This is contrary to what a portable application would do. The whole idea is that you can run your portable programs from a USB stick on a PC that belongs to a friend, and when you are finished there will be no trace of your software on your friend's PC.

We really need an official, and well behaved, version of Mp3tag.

Don't forget that Mp3tag is freeware and thus is dependent on the programmers free / spare time.

Maybe if you would pledge the money towards a "portable app" solution then, but not by saying "We really need an official, and well behaved, version of Mp3tag".


OK. I pledge money towards the release of a truly portable version of mp3tag, per the rules. How much money will it take?

If you install MP3tag on a USB stick and go with that to your friend's PC and run it there (from the USB drive) MP3tag will behave just the way you described as desirable.

And while you have the USB pen drive unplugged, you can de-install MP3tag on the original PC to remove all traces.
Afterwards you can run MP3tag from the USB device as a portable installation.

As far as I remember, it would be (technically) possible to create a mp3tag build.
However, I cannot tell whether the PortableApps build brings any infrigement with mp3tag itself (probably not, but better to have an explicit statement).