Mp3tag Introductory Course


I have an invitation for you: over the last couple of weeks, I’ve built a free 10-lessons email course, which introduces some of the core features of Mp3tag. My intention is, that more people can make the most use out of my app :slight_smile:

If you like to get a short email presenting one of the essential Mp3tag features over the next 10 days then simply subscribe to the Mp3tag Newsletter at

It'll start the next day and I think you’ll like it – if not, you can stop at any time.

Enjoy and take care!
– Florian


Nice idea!

Do you see any chance to get this 10 lessons in "compact, portable" format like PDF?
Maybe from a download link on your website?

Thanks anyway.



Because there are those who are always late, or have to simply find a time to sit down for a stuff like that


A really useful course. I've been using MP3Tag for a few years and thought I knew my way around it. Day 3 mentioned Scripts and I realised I'd not only never used them, but I hadn't realised how powerful they are.


I recently lost all my emails, including the newsletters from August 2016. Is there a way to receive the 10-part introductory course again? I saved the newsletter issues, but they are not where they should have been, and I lost them. I promise I'll do as better job of saving the introductory course this time.

Maybe unsubscribe and re-subscribe?


This would do the trick. Have you found them in the meantime?

Kind regards
– Florian


Yes. It turns out that I had the foresight of saving the emails as PDF, then compiling all 10 emails into a single PDF, 21 pages.

MP3tag is a great program. Thank you for your hard work making it readily available.

Don Strack