Mp3tag is awesome, the only thing is...


i love Mp3tag i use it every day and it have helped me easily make my huge archive of mp3s look very clean!! the only, i have stopped getting any updates of the program since v2.16. the reason why is that they changed the syntax for when you are trying to denote artist, title, etc. from %i %t..... to %artist% %title%. did andone else feel the same? i really don't like that so until they either change that back to the old way or add some new feature i can't live without, i'm sticking with v.2.16 i don't even know what new features it could possibly have man this program is awesome!!


I'm glad that you like Mp3tag and I'm sorry that you've to stick with the old, old 2.16 just because you don't want to use some new placeholders.

~ Florian


well what's better about your new place holders than the old ones? you have to type a lot more letters so it takes longer that way. they worked perfectly fine, there was no reason to even change them. awesome program though i must say!

Mp3tag v2.16 ALL THE WAY!!


I think that using descriptive variables is much better than some cryptic letters. Also, you have the possibility to use more fields. Who would like to remember tons of letters for all kind of tag frames?


The value of a little verbosity is perhaps for persons who don't have a huge number
of tags to contend with. I for one am delighted to receive the heads up that
the earlier cryptic version will be right for me.
... SustEcon


i still use v.2.16


Good to know :rolleyes:


I have had similar problems. The worst was when the default changed from non-case to optional case sensitivity. That was a disaster for my "NamesLikeThis" action which started chopping everything in sight into two-byte pieces. The next was the elimination of the requirement for double quotes in functions which broke some of my actions where the quotes produced different results, actually throwing quotes into some of them.

The solution is that when syntax is changed, there need to be routines that clean up the previously written action files before they break a large directory which was nearly the case when "Na Me S Li Ke Th Is" hit every string in a modest sized directory. I had those files backed up fortunately. OR better yet, enforce backward compatibility with every syntax change.


This discussion is useless. I already stated that these changes were necessary and I don't want to support placeholders or scripting syntax with well known limitations.

If you come up with some regular expressions which convert the old to the new syntax, I'd be happy to create some converter. But if you don't, please stop moaning.

This is very demotivating. Discussion closed.