Mp3tag is now available through BitTorrent


Mp3tag is now also available via the popular BitTorrent format for download.

Although http downloads are still offered it is encouraged that users choose to use BitTorrent to perform their downloads for the benefit of us all. Also it is encouraged that those of you who can stay open with your torrents to contribute to other people downloading, thus increasing the overall bandwidth and making other people happy.

You can check the status of the torrents on the .

If you're not familiar with BitTorrent, please read Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide and download the official BitTorrent client.

Best regards and happy seeding :slight_smile:,
~ Florian


Hey, great stuff! :slight_smile:
As I'm currently in the job market I don't have any cash to donate, but now I can do some seeding and feel like I'm contributing. Excellent! I'll start seeding now. :rolleyes:


Thanks for your support - very appreciated :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


Due to heavy traffic, the Development Builds are now available via BitTorrent. Please seed whenever possible :rolleyes:

~ Florian


:smiley: Everytime I seed the Development Build you upgrade it! :smiley:


A more easy-to-use version of Bittorrent (for newbies) might be BitTorrent ++ V0.5.4. Downloadable from this website.


It looks like a nice client. But do you not need Python installed to run it? Personally I'm very happy with the highly recommended Shadows Experimental client.


I hate snakes ! - But seriously: AFAIK nothing else than the program itself is needed for using BT++.


Shadow's Experimental client also uses Python via the python23.dll runtime library.

~ Florian


Does it? Well it works very well, and is invisible to the end user so that's ok. I seem to remember I had to install Python for the official client, or was that for the official tracker? Much better if it's all hidden away behind the scenes with a runtime DLL.


I've removed the BitTorrent download of Mp3tag, since my host has serious performace problems due to the BitTorrent Tracker script.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Huh, that's weird.

How about just adding some very simplepimple ed2k links? They won't kill your host and the download is distributed like a BitTorrent download.